Saturday, September 1, 2012

According to Study, Two-Thirds of Transgender Individuals Have Contemplated Suicide

  Been there because of being ashamed of myself and just the abuse I had to endure.

New Directions For This Blog.

     I originally started this blog to showcase my art and Since there's no one who actually reads this thing anyway... I'm gonna start to use this blogs to vent too. I see and read a lot of things that really bother me lately and lets NOT forget the wonderful treatment I've been receiving from my fellow human beings as of late (You know who you are). But I'm not the only one who has been denied basic human rights and I won't be the last.

     I doubt little old me can change the world, but I just can't take this crap anymore and I can't just sit by and not try. I wasn't raised that way.

Some other points.

     First, If you don't like what I say or re-post, that's your prerogative. You don't have to read it. It's that simple. All I'm asking is any comments to be civil and any mean spirited comments WILL be deleted. I'm god here and you will be smited!

   Second, Feel free to re-post anything I post, Just as long as you give credit back to me. That only applies to my personal experiences and those of my friends and family. Any other links you may use as long as you don't violate the original EULA's.

     Lastly, Don't be judgmental. This is mearly a way for me to point out a few things I personally feel need to be addressed. We tend to judge by appearances and not by actions.

     There is good and bad in this world, and I will do my best try to show both.